Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And Then There Was War!!

((Am crazy right now and thought it wise to write something in my crazy and jibberish mood...always helps doesn't it? :) ))

The time sadly had finally come.
I had postponed and derailed all paths leading to this last measure but sadly it was here. Long have i stood by and watched all the atrocities, misconduct, and lies committed by these vile beings i had once belonged to. Wondering when they would truly see the light and realize the deviation from their true path. My wait has been for centuries and yet i fear the time for patience and hope has long passed.
The night was young and primed for things to come, yet here i sat atop a castle once owned by a man that was well known for his fights against evil. It seems ironic now that the so called evil chooses such a place for its gathering.
Mother Moon! Its rays pierce through every vapor of my ethereal existence filling me with joy and such power that i dare not move. But as i looked down from the tip of the castle tower i realized i had to leave this beautiful place for greater things. For things long postponed by none but myself as i feared once this was done...there would be no turning back. It was time...time to address the army of darkness...

The army...I never thought it would come to this....not in a million years would i have thought of such a possibility but yet there they were...

My body effortlessly glided down through the air as my thoughts of the actions i was about to take were streaming through my mind as i get closer to these creatures that awaited my arrival. My feet felt the solid granite-filled ground under it as i reached my destination.
My eyes were still shut as i listened calmly to the whispers, grunts, and cheers of the creatures around me as they awaited my speech. My nostrils breathed in their nauseating smells and burning fragrances that quite honestly had me almost going to tears...but as i leader i dare not. My eyes stayed shut, my mind willing it not to open for chance that i may not have the will to do what i stood here unwilling to do. I felt its rays once more, why is it that she would always give me strength...i was no wolf or vampire that required the night...i walked among the living at whatever time i felt like...so why was the she so giving tonight...i asked no more questions on that matter that night as my strength had doubled as i regained my resolve and slowly but surely i had raised my eyelids to view what stood before me. At first all i could see were a blur of mist filled bodies walking around me which forced me to focus a little harder without any sign of weakness to these creatures. They were all there, the werewolves, vampires, zombies, (your typical facebook game ain't it?), witches of the west and south, dark sorcerers and their minions, followers of lucifer, willie willie, and oddly enough even Micheal Jackson came around (don't ask me why! He was there!).

What was odd about this gathering was this...WE, the armies of darkness had not gathered here to destroy those which stood for the light. No! We never could, we knew that...and we still keep that in our minds even till today. But that night, we had gathered there oppose all those that felt the need to always disturb all those within Buses, Trains, Cars, and even on the roads with their constant bickering and nagging. Constantly trying to recruit new blood into their folds without being nice enough to ask before blabbing all those prayers and songs and...well noise making. For i have watched it happen countless times, either its in a vehicle, on a ship, on a plane (wierd ain't it?), and worst of all, in the comfort of your own home. They come with bibles and smiles...ranting, screaming, and singing all sorts of things without the consent or approval of those they wish to change or protect. These goes beyond missionary work if you'll call it that, to outright disturbance and yes...WAR!!!

And so we marched into a new night with me at the helm of this war. Leading the vilest of all creatures to do what they normally would not do so as to save that which is norm. For heaven's sake it most stop, at least we evil ones are nice enough to ask before we suck your blood, eat your flesh, or offer you up to the devil...yes we might trick you, but we certainly do not blast you with rants and noise in your house or whenever your trying to rest on a simple trip on a bus. The battle has already begun...i simply felt the need to talk about the gathering. And then the cause...


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Dead Returns

This should be an interesting way to announce my return from inactivity. :) No proof reading so just enjoy the damn thing. Am going with the flow...

I made it back. Its been so long, i feel like i actually need to reconnect with you beautiful living creatures of nature once more. But i'll just walk around you all like i always do, with none of you knowing am actually there. Watching you all go about your merry and devious businesses, never stopping to ask yourselves if anyone is actually watching. If by chance some mystical being unknown to you or the people around you...will some day judge you for these actions. It has always being said that there are things that we cannot explain in our lives. Things that go even way beyond that which is paranormal, i for one was once an unbeliever in such stories...But now...well i am dead and yet i am still here aren't i? If i still exist i wonder if there truly is a God? Though i am yet to see him and i coulda sworn he was supposed to have judged me already. But maybe...maybe this is his judgement? Maybe he has left me here to walk with these creatures that i now feel are so wretched in their ways, yet sadly i was one of them. My thoughts begin to trail away as i begin my sad yet on some occassions amusing routine. Where i had been all this time i can't for the life of me remember anymore, it is the way the dead live...and for that i am grateful. I begin phasing in and out of houses as i float through the skies in search of anything to at least give me something to occupy my meaningless, timeless, world...A couple in bed, the man cuffed and gagged, the woman with stilettos and a whip...A man being strangled to death by his own son while he watches as he's wife and his 12 year old daughter are being raped...A young boy accidently realising the joy of rubbing on his own privacy...A priest begging for deliverance from God for all men and woman...A little girl about to steal from her mom's purse...But this one seems to interest me the most, and so i stay.

I smile as i watch the little girl steal her first stash from her mom's purse while she's away. I could sense her emotions boarding a roller coaster and preping for the joyous ride to come. And no sooner had they put on the safety bars did the ride begin. Guilt, joy, euphoria, fear, suspicion, they all bump into each other as the ride goes faster and twists, turns, and loops around the track. She hastily stashes the money in her pocket and for a moment attempts to actually pull it back out to return it. My smile is only for a moment...She changes her mind and runs for the door, all these emotions still safely pinned on the ride. I watch as she opens the door to head outside but is paused by the return of her mother. All emotions but one bail out of the ride, how they'll survive i dare not ask. I glare into her soul trying to see which emotion remained so fastened on the ride...it made me smile as it became clearer...i wondered why i even needed to view so deep to see...it was fear. Always so adamant in matters like this. Her eyes were wider than usual, her body was so frozen even her mother could tell something was wrong. She scanned the room trying to figure out what happened that would make her 9 year old daughter so frightened of her. Everything was as it was supposed to be, her dress, make up kit, drawers, lockers, bed, everything were all in the right position. She stared at a her daughter with a combination of suspicion and curiousity. I phased out of the room as i knew the questions would begin shortly. Whatever the outcome in this point in this young child's life would determine her future and her character at that. I dare not intrude on such critical scenes in peoples life...if there was ever a code we beseached, berifed, and debodied creatures followed. This would be a key point in such a code...but alas it does not...and as such i am usually tempted to see everything. And sadly today was that day, as i phased back into the room. I watched as her mother sat on her bed teary eyed wondering what to do with her daughter most likely. For within her hands was a large sum of money...from the looks of it i would say at least 50 large. What she was going to use this to do at such a tender age...i had no idea. The little girl stood rigidly, her eyes fixed at her mother's, her hands choking the life out of her dress.

I smile at the sight of all this and realise i had forgotten the beauty that is within the system of nature. For even though they know not that they are being watched, even though they commit such ridiculous things without the need to question themselves regarding it, feeling that they can't be judged if not seen. They usually are, not by those unseen but by those quite visible. By their laws, morals, and government. By all that they hold dear to them, and if by chance that doesn't work...then maybe some day...i'll have to show them what it feels like...to be truly judged.

Hope you all enjoyed the read...more to come as i do have stories to actually tell regarding whats happening in my life.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ain't Sundays Beautiful...

Its sunday!
Yes, yes...the boring day begins. Its funny how sundays just always have to be boring. I can't get over it, every sunday i am forced to go to church and listen to those precious words from a bible that people like us wrote. Yes! I said it! But anyways, though quite inspiring and all that its just boring to me...i mean i get it. Love, love, love. Oh and those 10 commandents that just so happen to be in every government law system. But anyways, we'll leave that for another day. I find myself always cleaning up my place on this day and today was no no exception...well except for me finding my old poem/rant book that i had 10 years ago. Guess today was fruitful. I went through it amused and the things i had written back then and decided i would at least post 1 or 2 poems (i guess thats what they should be called, was never much of a poet so i never considered them as such). So here is one of them...hope you enjoy it.

Oh and Unnaked soul...i'll try coming up with something for you on that creation thingy. Though i gotta admit, your really torturing me with it.

Trials Of Space

We can always call, she said
Send mails, emails, or even chat online
It doesn't have to end because am not here
My love will always be the same
Untouched, unwavering, and only for you.

But yet when she left
When she hugged, kissed, and said the goodbyes
When i waved, smiled, and watched the plane fly
I knew, i felt it, things just wouldn't be the same.

The first day was as though she was still with me
The first week was when i felt her physical presence begin to fade
Her smiles, her laughters...
Her frowns, her cries...
The warmth of her body next to mine as we cuddled.

The first month was when it began
The questions...
The images...
Who was she with when i called her
Who made her laugh while i spoke to her
Why didn't she call the other day
She might be with someone, they wouldn't be good together...or would they?
The love was no longer only for me.

If only i had said NO! firmly
If only i had told her how i truly felt about it
This is not going to work out
Its time i called her again
Its been a whole week already
Time to end this distance love-war
Time to surrender to the questions and images...

Yeeaaaahhhh.......what tha hell?! Thank God for growth and experience...:)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Delayed News Report

You sit calmly on your couch watching your daily portion of 'Life's a beautiful torment' when the screen flickers a bit and is abruptly changed and replaced by a black male decayed zombie that seems apologetic due to his sudden appearance.

Mike Zombie: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mike Zombie and this is a breaking delayed news on the current events within from Port Harcourt. We sincerely apologize for the delay but we had a problem within the studio as bodies we were feeding on decided it was time to rebel and actually fight back. Regardless we will be replaying a prerecorded report that was recieved by me from Lisa Corpse...our onscene reporter....

The current image is replaced by prerecorded news feed where mike seems to be wearing a different outfit but is still in top decaying form...

Mike Zombie: What exactly is going on over there now Lisa?

A crippled looking female appears before you with no signs of movement but voices seemed to be emanating from somewhere...

Lisa Corpse: Well things are slightly calming down as a curfew had been instated a few days ago and the streets of port harcourt are filled with soldiers, police officers, and naval officers.

Mike Zombie: Any reason as to why the curfew was declared?

Lisa Corpse: Well based on our inside sources it seems that these militants seem to be coming from a close by waterfront and as such the nigerian navy has been sent over there to hold them back. As such the curfew was declared so that when the army pushes them back offshore, the navy can finish them off and make sure they never come back on land. To summarise it, any ships seen around those areas after 7pm are immediately shot down Mike.

Mike Zombie: Now those are drastic measures, but will they work?

Lisa Corpse: Well it seems they are working but i don't think the border searches and patrols are effective.

Mike Zombie: What border patrols?

Lisa Corpse: Well it seems in the major areas of port harcourt and also around the borders of port harcourt. Citizens are asked to keep their hands up and walking by so that they can be searched and checked. If you are in a car you are to leave one hand on your steering wheel and the other hand raised up.

The screen is once more replaced by an image taking by one of the news team's photographers...It is quite clear that this was taken in a dangerous situation as the last person that did this got shot and killed.
It returns back to Lisa Corpse...

Lisa Corpse: As you can see it seems quite effective with only one major flaw Mike...

Mike Zombie: And what might that be Lisa?

Lisa Corpse: Well they people leave their bags and belongings within the buses or cars they are within before walking out and the cars and buses don't get searched! I mean whats the point of all this then? Exercise? People get that just from waking up around here.

Mike Zombie: Well now that is a lapse within the Nigerian Army...I felt they were quite effective considering they lead a lot of ECOWAS missions.

Lisa Corpse: Well mike to give them credit, they are not the ones in charge of this. Its actually the police and mopols...so i guess its to be expected. Well thats it for now around here, i hope things are rectified as companies and businesses...especially joints or beer parlors are losing quite a lot of money from this. Back to you Mike.

Her face seems to finally move and a smile creeps through it...The feed is interrupted and replaced with the present day Mike.

Mike Zombie: Now that they are, thanks Lisa for your report on the port harcourt crisis...I guess thats it for us here at Dead TV, once again...am Mike Zombie, wishing you all a Goodnight...

The screen returns to normal and you continue watching 'Life's a beautiful torment'...

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Dead Shall Party!!

It was an eiry cold night without a soul in sight outside the walls of the mansion. The animals were silent and only coming out to make sure they were still alive. The stars had fled from the skies in search of safer areas. The area was quiet...too quiet...and suddenly, without warning, the hearts of those watching from afar leaps a beat or two as loud music ensues from within the walls of the mansion. Screams of joy, sounds of boots pounding the grounds, hands clapping, and once a while...sounds of people hitting the ground from overdose of alcohol could be heard from within the mansion. No one knew what was going on, and no one dared to find out. The mansion hadn't been occupied for over a century, and what was even more scary and suspicious was the fact that this same incident had occured about a century ago. No one is alive anymore from the days of the last incident, but it was quite clear that all those that entered the mansion...came out...different...as though dead but still breathing.

And now it was happening again but no one was brave enough to enter. Only the dead were there, those that had been there a hundred years ago. Those that had drank away their sorrows and troubles and left their bodies to the vultures, and their souls to the devil himself. They were now within the walls of Dike Dum reliving what was once the great reaping but this time only a few brought more souls to be taken by the Devil. The night was young and the poor living souls hadn't realised what they had gotten themselves into. They were all smiles, enjoying every minute of the night as though it was their last...little did they know, it really was. As their bottles were all but empty their minds began to fill up with images of horrible scenes of seduction, mutilation, and death on the dance floor. But what scared them the most was how the people simply wouldn't die as these things happened. For a long time they stared as these atrocities happened and wondered if they could actually do these things without fear of that. For with all that was in them, they had not realised that such things were humanly impossible but felt the need to try it as their bodies tinged with higher sensations as they viewed the groove on the dance floor.

Only four in number among the dead, but all were now willing and definitely very able. The lady in red was the first one out on the dance floor, sadly this time she would not be the one woeing men to their doom. She had picked a lively looking male that seemed to have all the moves and yet was still able to twist his neck in a 360 motion with his hands literally breaking and points no human dreamed possible. The rest of the four had followed behind her, motivated by her as all men would have been. Sadly she was the first to go as the rest joined different ladies with seemingly different personalities...a shy nerdy girl, a gifted body twister, and a fully loaded model...all with nothing in common except the need to reap the souls of the living to join in their torturous life. There was nothing that wasn't done to these poor living souls as bits and pieces of their bodies were taken from them as they partied their life away. Their bodies were so mutilated that i wish not to go further into this, but one thing was for sure. The lady had passed on first, followed in turn by each of the men. Their minds warped with bottles after bottles of concussions made by the dead left them wanting more of what they couldn't understand was a painfully outstretched death. The party had ended after the dead had had their fill and the devil had come to collect what was now his.

But one thing was for sure, after the night had come and gone. The residents around the area had come to check on things now that it was safer to come out. People say the four bodies that were found all within a pit close to the dancefloor, had smiles on their faces. Bodies deformed beyond recognition but what little of their faces that lips left...had smiles on them.

Once the mind is lost, anything can be believed as long as it says so. Visions of worlds collapsing, people walking on water, and even the believe that pain does not exist. We are wonderful creatures...learn to exercise your minds, creatively and logically. :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Survival of the fittest...

As i stare at the topic thinking of how best to start this blog, my mind flashes back to a few weeks ago (maybe less) when i was wrecklessly as always. Quickly driving into the front of a trailer dodging a parked car and watching the car behind me smash into the parked car at a speed of 120km/hr. I would know considering i was going slightly faster than that and he was trying to match me. Now the sad yet funny part of this was that i was looking at the accident from my rear view mirror laughing at the fool and wondering what kind of driver would actually pull such a stunt. Though don't judge me so harshly yet, i had a little moment where i was actually feeling bad about it all and wondering if i should stop...but all that kinda died away quickly as the laughter resumed.

And now am back to the present...staring at the topic once more...and its quite clear how to start...i start from the beginning.

Its funny how we say things can never be worse than they already are and yet whenever we say such things...something new happens that makes things even worse than they already are. For those that don't know whats going on in Port Harcourt....please read the previous post. Anyways, today kinda made things clear as to how far these psychos are willing to go as they boldly went against the soldiers that were stationed within the area to protect the civilians. This happened in the early hours of the morning and lasted well into the afternoon. The craziest part of this whole thing is that while this was going on i was busy taking Ayo (a friend of mine that came on business) to the company's office thinking everything was okay. It wasn't long before we started hearing people telling everyone to be careful and not head to town. Of course, after i dropped him off....yeah...i went to town. Not into the firing away but close enough to at least hear the gunshots and bombs going off. Its a crazy world we live in. After the whole battle was done, there were 3 fully loaded big ass trucks taking dead bodies to the cemetery. I was honestly expecting all 3 to be filled with bodies from the militants...but noooo...2 trucks were filled with the soldiers bodies...all dead...while only 1 truck carried the dead bodies of the militants...Yeah, i'd say we are in for some serious problems.

The funny thing about this (theres always a funny side with me people, get used to it) was that the major incharge of the campaign actually told the reporters that this will be lesson for the militants to learn. That they will not think of doing this again...what tha hell!? They lost more men, they had less equipment, i mean they basically had their asses handed to them and he says the militants won't dare try it again?....ONLY IN NIGERIA!

And now for the sweetest part of this whole thing. Recently it seems that chelsea has been doing much better than my beloved team..MANCHESTER UNITED!!! So it was only fair that something stupid on their side happen. So there i was having fun with Ayo over a couple of bottles, being glad that we are still alive, and from no where a car slams into big block and a lamp post, and also i think a NEPA poll as well. I had to clear my eyes a couple of times thinking maybe the booze had started getting to me...but nooo...it was real...it happened...we start laughing about it and quickly run out to check on things. The guy survived so don't freak out, but as i look around and start taking pictures of the whole scene...i notice something that makes the both of us feel better about MU's recent failures...a chelsea symbol within the car! HA!!!

And now i wish you all sweet dreams...from your friendly walking dead. :)

Monday, August 13, 2007

The dead speak?!

First off, lets get the introductions out of the way. As you all should know by now...the name's Jeff. First of a family of 9 and a proud member of the KIA squad...(More on that in the future). Been around for quite sometime and survived a whole lot...Favorite incident would be the cow accident of 2002 that left me scared for life. Though i must admit...it gives me a new story to tell when in the mist of those that wonder...I live in Nigeria, a nation that is chaotic to say the least but at least boasts of one simple thing...true freedom. Such is to be expected since the country is technically lawless. Yes yes...we have laws, but who obeys them?

The police are bribed on a daily basis or patrol the roads and streets requesting for money from the citizens. The citizens do everything in their power to make sure they get things done their way and always try to find a way to hussle out of something. The politicians in the government steal the nation's money everytime they can and then turn on each other when one takes or acts more than he is allowed to (if such a thing exists). The shark eats the fishes, the bigger shark eats the regular sharks, and the whales...well you get the point. Taxes are a joke except for large companies, especially oil companies. And most importantly, we all live our lives always trying to make more money and hardly ever thinking of the creativity in anything we do. In such a nation, who would dare say they aren't truly free? Yet its amazing that people like me and all those others that are truly creative, insightful, and gifted in many ways survive and make it through all this to shine.

Its quite simple really, there is always light where there is darkness. And vice versa. Which is why i always laugh when i hear people talk about a world of peace and goodness only...sorry people...but that will never be. Just as every human is born different in his or her own way, so it is for such things in life. And now that am done ranting...here's a little bit of whats been happening in my life.

Its been pretty much a week of heavy violence within the city of Port Harcourt. The battle between different militant factions (keep in mind that these militant factions are funded by politicians within the state and have the agendas of the politicians in mind) within the city have poured out into the streets affecting innocent civilians...civilians like me...that was forced to pull a bond driving move so as to avoid stray bullets and other cars also trying to avoid the bullets as well. A reverse 180 in a benz coupe...yeah...am definitely gonna remember that for a while...

If the life of a dead man is so exciting...i wonder how the living are doing...