Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ain't Sundays Beautiful...

Its sunday!
Yes, yes...the boring day begins. Its funny how sundays just always have to be boring. I can't get over it, every sunday i am forced to go to church and listen to those precious words from a bible that people like us wrote. Yes! I said it! But anyways, though quite inspiring and all that its just boring to me...i mean i get it. Love, love, love. Oh and those 10 commandents that just so happen to be in every government law system. But anyways, we'll leave that for another day. I find myself always cleaning up my place on this day and today was no no exception...well except for me finding my old poem/rant book that i had 10 years ago. Guess today was fruitful. I went through it amused and the things i had written back then and decided i would at least post 1 or 2 poems (i guess thats what they should be called, was never much of a poet so i never considered them as such). So here is one of them...hope you enjoy it.

Oh and Unnaked soul...i'll try coming up with something for you on that creation thingy. Though i gotta admit, your really torturing me with it.

Trials Of Space

We can always call, she said
Send mails, emails, or even chat online
It doesn't have to end because am not here
My love will always be the same
Untouched, unwavering, and only for you.

But yet when she left
When she hugged, kissed, and said the goodbyes
When i waved, smiled, and watched the plane fly
I knew, i felt it, things just wouldn't be the same.

The first day was as though she was still with me
The first week was when i felt her physical presence begin to fade
Her smiles, her laughters...
Her frowns, her cries...
The warmth of her body next to mine as we cuddled.

The first month was when it began
The questions...
The images...
Who was she with when i called her
Who made her laugh while i spoke to her
Why didn't she call the other day
She might be with someone, they wouldn't be good together...or would they?
The love was no longer only for me.

If only i had said NO! firmly
If only i had told her how i truly felt about it
This is not going to work out
Its time i called her again
Its been a whole week already
Time to end this distance love-war
Time to surrender to the questions and images...

Yeeaaaahhhh.......what tha hell?! Thank God for growth and experience...:)


Toochi said...

Why does that poem seem so familiar black santa?
huh? why? it's your turn to be a wuss eh? least you acknowledge love..
Me first to post.
just as you asked*wink*
nice one man!

Jeff Corbin said...

@Tooch: Freakin punk. It clearly says i wrote that damn thing TEN YEARS AGO!!!...why am i defending having feelings?? *shrugs and relaxes back on his chair*

Carlang said...

bla bla bla.
it's not wrong admitting that deep down inside you're a softie who needs sex.
Nothing wrong with it.
Sex is hereditary.
if your parents didnt do it..
chances are ..
neither will you!!

Nyemoni said...

Tsssh! Sundays are boring? Not to me..I go to shurn, come back for Lunch, sleeeeeeeeeeepppppp and watch! Have a nice week!

Nyemoni said...

* church! Tssh

Queen of My Castle said...

Aw, that was really touching. Is this the reason you no longer have a heart? I know this is old, but here my dear, have a hug

*embraces Mr. Corbin*

Jeff Corbin said...

@Carl: Um...don't we all love sex? I never said i don't love it. But i sure as hell won't let it control my actions.

@Nyemoni: lol, yeah...that ain't boring at all. :)

@queen: Now, now, now, i do have a heart people...its just hard to find thats all.

*delights in the embrace of the angel*

Diary of a Gypsy Princess said...

yea, i think sundays are beautiful...seeing as i am no longer forced to go to church.... hmmmm, d life of a gypsy!

Queen of My Castle said...

Aw...he calls her an angel. *blushing*

Carlang said...


Carlang said...

p.s :i really am sorry i couldnt come hang out like i promised!!

100%Lighty said...

awwwwww how sweet. so 1month and u're done eyy? cant handle long distance, well written, love the sequence.

and as for church being boring, hopefully u mind set would change and u'll find urself enjoying every word dat comes out the preacher's mouth.

Jeff Corbin said...

@Carl: Oh you suck really do!

@lighty: Thanks. :) But you are so wrong about enjoyment of the preachers word......soooo wrong!

Queen of My Castle said...

Hey babes...where have you been? We need updates here!!! LOL

Jeff Corbin said...

Ask and ye shal receive my dear...the return of the dead. :)

Don't update of how i've been doing shall come later.

Teediva said...

i feel like i could have written this...but more about someone i dont see as often as i would like to. distance sure hurts mahn..

Jeff Corbin said...

@Teediva: :) I guess you liked it then. lol