Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And Then There Was War!!

((Am crazy right now and thought it wise to write something in my crazy and jibberish mood...always helps doesn't it? :) ))

The time sadly had finally come.
I had postponed and derailed all paths leading to this last measure but sadly it was here. Long have i stood by and watched all the atrocities, misconduct, and lies committed by these vile beings i had once belonged to. Wondering when they would truly see the light and realize the deviation from their true path. My wait has been for centuries and yet i fear the time for patience and hope has long passed.
The night was young and primed for things to come, yet here i sat atop a castle once owned by a man that was well known for his fights against evil. It seems ironic now that the so called evil chooses such a place for its gathering.
Mother Moon! Its rays pierce through every vapor of my ethereal existence filling me with joy and such power that i dare not move. But as i looked down from the tip of the castle tower i realized i had to leave this beautiful place for greater things. For things long postponed by none but myself as i feared once this was done...there would be no turning back. It was time...time to address the army of darkness...

The army...I never thought it would come to this....not in a million years would i have thought of such a possibility but yet there they were...

My body effortlessly glided down through the air as my thoughts of the actions i was about to take were streaming through my mind as i get closer to these creatures that awaited my arrival. My feet felt the solid granite-filled ground under it as i reached my destination.
My eyes were still shut as i listened calmly to the whispers, grunts, and cheers of the creatures around me as they awaited my speech. My nostrils breathed in their nauseating smells and burning fragrances that quite honestly had me almost going to tears...but as i leader i dare not. My eyes stayed shut, my mind willing it not to open for chance that i may not have the will to do what i stood here unwilling to do. I felt its rays once more, why is it that she would always give me strength...i was no wolf or vampire that required the night...i walked among the living at whatever time i felt like...so why was the she so giving tonight...i asked no more questions on that matter that night as my strength had doubled as i regained my resolve and slowly but surely i had raised my eyelids to view what stood before me. At first all i could see were a blur of mist filled bodies walking around me which forced me to focus a little harder without any sign of weakness to these creatures. They were all there, the werewolves, vampires, zombies, (your typical facebook game ain't it?), witches of the west and south, dark sorcerers and their minions, followers of lucifer, willie willie, and oddly enough even Micheal Jackson came around (don't ask me why! He was there!).

What was odd about this gathering was this...WE, the armies of darkness had not gathered here to destroy those which stood for the light. No! We never could, we knew that...and we still keep that in our minds even till today. But that night, we had gathered there oppose all those that felt the need to always disturb all those within Buses, Trains, Cars, and even on the roads with their constant bickering and nagging. Constantly trying to recruit new blood into their folds without being nice enough to ask before blabbing all those prayers and songs and...well noise making. For i have watched it happen countless times, either its in a vehicle, on a ship, on a plane (wierd ain't it?), and worst of all, in the comfort of your own home. They come with bibles and smiles...ranting, screaming, and singing all sorts of things without the consent or approval of those they wish to change or protect. These goes beyond missionary work if you'll call it that, to outright disturbance and yes...WAR!!!

And so we marched into a new night with me at the helm of this war. Leading the vilest of all creatures to do what they normally would not do so as to save that which is norm. For heaven's sake it most stop, at least we evil ones are nice enough to ask before we suck your blood, eat your flesh, or offer you up to the devil...yes we might trick you, but we certainly do not blast you with rants and noise in your house or whenever your trying to rest on a simple trip on a bus. The battle has already begun...i simply felt the need to talk about the gathering. And then the cause...