Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Five Minutes...

Oh my, what a terrible start to the new year this has been. Well before we get into that i just wanted to do my late holiday greetings and what not so i hope everyone had a merry christmas and of course i wish you all a very happy new year.

I am sorry...thats pretty much all am going to say on that. Some might want to shoot me, some might be glad am back, and very few have already beaten me to a pulp for not doing anything for such a long time(happy carl!). It honestly ain't my fault. And this just me saying am sorta back and will sorta tell tales of the past so as to bring you back to the present time ....and maybe just maybe...look into the future of things to come.

So basically, my car drowned, my phone got wrecked, i bought a new pc, my life is in a transformation stage, i had an interesting experience in the village, and port harcourt had one hell of an explosive fireworks stage on new year.

Details on all things dead...soon. :)

See you all around...smile now people....am back damn it.