Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dare i possess again?

This is a tale of the unseen, unsavory and immoral. This is a tale of a possession long done for I stand now with the lady that perished during that possession not so long ago. And I simply choose to remember that day as I had seen through the eyes of you humans…you living beings…what its like to be human once more. And I do say I was not impressed.

It happened about a month ago, when I had finally learnt the art of possession and was no longer flying through buildings and cars watching from afar. But watching and acting, using the bodies of these unsuspecting humans to watch and learn. And if deemed worthy, to act in order to stop those that seem…well in this case…immoral. I had never experienced a possession quite like this one since I had decided to possess the human while he was fast asleep as it seemed a lot easier with his mind in a passive and somewhat weakened state. Needless to say that I was completely wrong about that, granted I was able to possess the body, but the mind was in a dream state. And I caught a glimpse of the dream that I would honestly classify as a nightmare except there was a hint of longing within the mind before it retreated. He was cuffed to a well decorated bed wearing nothing and in front of him were three beautiful ladies each holding a pistol, an axe, and a knife. Sufficed to say, I wasn’t about to find out what was about to happen as I immediately cleared away all of it and awoke.

His phone had been ringing and the silly human didn’t even know it. I answered the phone and listened as his father rambled on about an emergency case that needed the ambulance there for movement. The human had argued about the need for an actual driver as this was interrupting a much needed rest for work the next day but still agreed to help out. I was amused at how considering this was an emergency the human felt the need to wash his face with soap, spray some deodorant on, try three different outfits on, and even grab something to eat before heading out for the clinic. Who was he planning to impress? Who was he planning to see considering it was 3am in the morning? And why did he keep checking the fuel gauge of the…It had become obvious then that the ambulance was low on fuel and where ever this case needed to be taken to might not even make it let alone the human returning back home.

The clinic was nothing like any clinic i had ever seen before...and i had seen plenty. It was more of a hospital than a clinic as there were two large one-story buildings beyond the gate that was wide open with far too many cars and ambulances parked at the parking lot. The neon sign read ‘Rivon Clinic’ and kept on flashing erratically as I watched it. As the human got to the gate the passage into the building on our left was blocked by an exhausted young black male that lay dead on the ground screaming for the return of his wife. This was no 'fight for survival' journey, this person was dead, and why did they want this human here? Someone we both recognized as his father had stepped out of the second building, his white overflowing coat flying in the air as he headed towards the man on the ground. He was an old man with no trace of black hair on his head yet he still had so much energy flowing through him and a jovial aura about him. He began begging the man to leave the road so that the ambulance could pass and carry the body but the man was unreachable as he kept screaming to the father, to the guard that had just emerged and also to God for not telling him that something like this would happen…why God needed to inform him of such things I had no idea but either ways he was carried off by both the father and the guard to a more secluded area. As they dropped him on the ground he resumed his posture on the ground once more and continued screaming more things that I didn’t care for. I had been more interested in who had just passed away as I was not sensing the presence of any ghosts or otherwise around the area.

The ambulance had been carefully stationed right next to the building and as the human emerged from it, his father began detailing what had happened as they carted the body out of the building on a gurney into the ambulance. From what I had gathered it, the lady that had been brought in had just recently passed away, the sad part wasn’t the fact that the couple were newly weds or that she was three months pregnant when she had passed away. No! The sad part was that the cause of her death was something that could have been easily handled at any clinic or hospital that had the common sense to know that she was simply convulsing and not a reaction or cause of anything to do with the dialysis of her kidneys. She was wrongly diagnosed by a hospital in another state and was shipped down here. Now because of that she laid on a gurney, covered in white, her family weeping and screaming, calling for her to come back…but she couldn't…for she was gone…I knew this because as they wept I could finally see her ethereal existence finally taking its shape. She was dead and gone, and there was nothing her family could do about it. I watched as the baby that was still being formed simply lighted up and slowly dimmed out into nonexistence…where the baby had gone to I am yet to figure out…but there is a place beyond where we stay...a place i do not care for...well...not yet.

The ride to the mortuary was a ride of solitude and contemplation for the human as he constantly kept looking back at the dead body that lay silent on the gurney wondering how he would feel if this had happened to him. Feeling the pain of the male that still lay on the ground weeping when we left realising that they hadn't been married up to a year and yet now they stood death. The doctor that went with him just kept on smiling through out the ride as though there was nothing behind the ambulance. For some reason it felt better for him to not think about it and simply focus on other matters. When they had finally arrived at the mortuary escorted by the company’s police escort the female body was carted out once more but this time into the lounge within the mortuary.

This lounge was well decorated with elegant gurneys as its couch and a medical receptacle as the stools where the usual refreshments would be kept. Except in this case there were knives and assorted medical instruments for who knows what. As the lady’s essence slowly floated in with the body and glided to a stop next to the other bodies within the lounge. I wondered if there was any need for me to leave this body and console her, but there was more to see and I had preferred seeing and feeling through this body. The mortician was a slightly rude and odd fellow who had kept on insisting that the body be examined before anything can be spoken about. He had taken his time unveiling the body, pausing to feel on just about every inch of her body. And as he slowly felt on her face, her breasts and went passed the belly which was quite large for a three month old lady, the human had still been staring at the breasts of the female that interestingly enough at the time seemed ready to explode. And as he stared at the breast I noticed the mortician staring just below the belly, and the essence of the lady brimming with anger and rage as all this happened.

It was time to act, and act I had done. I had immediately taken control of the body and slapped the mortician before screaming at the police for simply watching this man fondle with this body. As i sensed his approach i had punched the mortician in the belly and kicked his groin twice feeling a slight crack as the feet of the human slammed into it As he fell screaming i had yelled at the doctor to get into the car so that we could leave. The police seemed surprised at the series of events that had just unfolded and kept staring at the mortician waiting for him to make a move. As I got into the ambulance I immediately started it, quickly dispossessed the human and headed back to the mortuary and prayed the lady had not began diving down towards the dark path because of all this…for if she had...those who were still there would most assuredly have joined us.

Hmm…that was a long time ago, and needless to say the lady is fine as I stand with her now staring down at the humans who come and go, who live and die, those same humans who…well honestly, am starting to care little for as time goes by. But I hope that one of these days, I will find someone that might make me think better of them…So far it hasn’t happened.

And for all those who wish to get something out of this…there really isn't anything to get. I carried a dead body to the mortuary, I saw what I saw, I am not happy, end of story.


Nyemoni said...

Chineke...such a horrible story...anyway, I just came by to wish you a happy new year!

desperate lady said...

passages from the dead? o hell naw, i aint reading this before i get nightmares.

Hengish said...

Lol was the last paragraph for my benefit?

Its sad.

Queen of My Castle said...

Jeff, your posts are always to thought provoking and somehow always seem to reveal a disgusting facet of human nature, all the while making the reader take a long hard look at self. To say that I really look forward to reading your posts is an understatement.

Jeff Corbin said...

@Nyemoni: Ain't it? And thanks darling...same to you.

@Desperate Lady: LOL!!! I doubt you'll get nightmares...might make you think a little...but definitely no nightmares...okay maybe a little. :)

@Hengish: :)

@Queen of the castle: WOW! Thanks darling. Guess its good to be back then...again...anyways, i think i might have to change that. Show some good i mean, i mean we ain't that bad...are we?